B2B SaaS owners, let's build better without burning out.

I build B2B SaaS 1 products and engineering systems. I strive to build better without burning out. To that end, I hold these things dear.

If challenges around these rob you of opportunity, progress, and sleep, I am available to help, through one of these initiatives.

Deploy writing strategically.

Good writing habits can transform the 1x product engineering team into the proverbial 10x team 2. Yet few teams choose to build a solid culture of writing and reading. Their people toil on hamster wheels of endless forgetting and rework. Sad. We can do better.

Advance product engineering maturity.

Hiring more people makes late projects later. Death marches burn away minds and bodies. Mass layoffs destroy capital.

Intelligent professional coaching, teaching, and on-boarding is how teams get very good, stay lean, attract and retain the right kind of people, and make big things happen.

Let's bet on our people.

You Sherlock, I Watson. We, founder's second brain.

You are the Sherlock of your business. You live by your wits, sleuthing your way through vexing mysteries the world throws at you.

Might a Watson help you eval/apply better?

You see, Watson is not Sherlock's guru, boss, equal, or competitor. Certainly not their lackey. Watson is a smart, independent, resourceful soul whom Sherlock chooses to retain because the two are far greater than the one.

Tech-savvy product owner, meet business-savvy engineer. Hi!

Working together

Currently I engage formally on an advisory retainer basis only. Spots are very limited. I also maintain informal office hours to chat about any of the above topics. I would love to hear what's on your mind. Please write to me at [email protected] with your thoughts and any questions. I will be happy to exchange ideas and perhaps get on a call if things get super interesting.

  1. Dots only connect in reverse. Over the last 15 years or so, I happened to market, sell, co-found, product manage, test, operate, code hire for, learn, use, teach software things. SaaS, mostly B2B, has been a core thread through all of that career vagabonding. Now, that is my wheelhouse!↩︎

  2. 10x implies the fact of great leverage, not the degree of it. I believe the proverbial 10x developer is that good because they habitually "write the thing down". I know it makes me better and I know others have profited from stuff I wrote down. Frequently years down the line. Writing is core to my process, especially as a soloist. Decision records, concept notes, checklists and runbooks, guides and tutorials, bug reports, commit messages, reviews and critiques, product documentation, blog posts, brain dump notes; I use them all judiciously in my own work.↩︎