Scale, Value, Systems

Creating things is a delicate endeavour, fraught with peril. People struggle forward through crazy marketplace and environmental complexities just to get from one day to the other.

Yet I can’t shake off the feeling that we make it harder for ourselves than it should be. I’ve been trying to work out why. There’s a lot to unpack. This post is a start at thinking about it in public. My thinking is coloured by working in the tech startup scene for these last few years, and rooted in a small mistake my parents made bringing me up.

I’m going to amble along a wavy line of thought through Story, Metaphor, Model, and Example. Please join the noodling-over and ambling-off into tangents.

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In the beginning, was the domain name

How this blog came to be is a minor miracle. Long story short, I conned myself into believing nobody will find and read it. But you’re here, aren’t you? And you’re reading this. Aren’t You?


Well, here’s how you got here.

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