You won’t know of Org Mode if you live a normal life. This page has pictures that will help you visualise it.

It is a decidedly un-sexy under-marketed weirdly niche tool for note taking (and a lot more). “Your life in plain text”, they say.

Yet, I find myself telling people that they will have to pry it from my cold dead hands. Which befuddles me. Why, as an ingrate software nerd who has soured on software technology —talk about biting the hand that feeds— do I evince such strong sentiment about a software program?!

Also, plain text? In 2022?!

Well, join the wonder club. I’ve been wondering the same thing!

With further ado, I will:

  • illustrate my org-mode use with real examples
  • describe my “what, why, and how” in generally applicable terms
  • discuss some common objections and concerns
  • offer some shiny brain-food for your imagination

Also nerd alert. I can’t remove some technicalities without also dumbing it down and doing your intelligence a disservice. Email me if you need help.

Take what is useful and discard the rest!